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WordPress plugin ontwikkeling voor Trustworks

By admin | 25 February, 2015 | 0 Comment

Voor Trustworks hebben we een vragenlijst/scan plugin ontwikkeld. Elke vraag kan een categorie krijgen. Zo zie je aan de achterkant per categorie de (cumulatieve) score, denk bijvoorbeeld aan ‘vetrouwen’, ‘leiderschap’ etc. Daarnaast kan een ‘rol’ aan elke vraag worden toegekend. De deelnemers hebben bijvoorbeeld rollen als; leidinggevende, collega etc. Alleen de toegekende vragen worden getoond.

De resultaten worden na het invullen direct in de browser getoond d.m.v. diagrammen.


De resultaten worden per bedrijf/organisatie cumulatief opgeslagen. De scans zijn niet gratis, na (online) betaling krijgen de deelnemers een inlog. Voor dit laatste hebben we gebruik gemaakt van de veelzijdige plugin Wishlist.

Lees hieronder de ervaringen van Joms:

Responsiveness is vital for website development as more and more people use mobile devices for browsing the internet. Heck, as of 2014 mobile internet usages already exceeded that of desktop users!

Trustworks is a website that focuses on the evaluation of an employee through the means of surveys.

The website has two major development parts – the theme and the survey plugin.

The theme’s design is pretty straight forward: corporate style with focus on simplicity and usability. To make the website responsive I used Twitter’s Bootstrap for the first time. Bootstrap is a life saver for responsiveness. It is very handy to say the least as it has everything. Sure it had some quite of a learning curve at the beginning, especially since I am used to write my CSS from scratch, but it was well worth it at the end. It saved us a lot of time and effort, and made our code easier to maintain. I highly recommend it!

The second part of the project is the survey plugin. This is the core of the website. We’ve tried most of the survey and quiz plugins from the WordPress repo but nothing comes close to what we wanted. So given that issue and the interest of having more freedom coding we decided to create our own plugin. This, paired with a couple of additional plugins (Wishlist for payment and Gravity Forms for contact forms) we were able kick start the survey aspect of the website. As the website developed it became clearer that we made the right choice because the client came up with a lot of changes. Some unique features that we developed are – questions can be grouped by categories, the display of questions depend on the type of user, and the results pages shows an informative sections with bar graphs per category with the users answers. was a very fun project to develop. It had a lot of firsts for me – Bootstrap, Wishlist plugin and Gravity Forms. As developers sometimes we are not comfortable trying out new things. We’re afraid the change is not worth the extra time learning and worry about how we’ll do stuff that otherwise will be so easy if we just remained in our comfort zone. But giving chance to new concepts and technologies is what makes us change for the better, and most probably what will make our lives easier. So take the time to try out new things, if they aren’t good drop them, otherwise have fun with your new knowledge and skill!



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